Litchfield Lions Pin We ServeLITCHFIELD, NH LIONS CLUB

District 44-H Officers


  2018-2019 Club Officers

Immediate Past President:

Wayne Auger

President:  Christie McQuesten
1st. Vice President:  Jessica McQuesten

Diane Jerry





Membership Chair:

Jessica McQuesten

Publicity Chair: TBD
Recycled Eye Glass Chair:

Wayne Auger

Lion Tamer:

Ray Peeples

Tail Twister:

Matt McQuesten

Web Master:

Wayne Auger


Club Members

* Wayne Auger * Christie McQuesten
   Roe Auger    Jessica McQuesten
* Tara Hershberger    Mathew McQuesten
   Terry Jefferson * Linda Peeples
   Diane Jerry * Ray Peeples
   Dick Jerry   Kathy Shakley
    Sally Alwan   Todd Shakley
    Bob Marr   

* = Charter Members

Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Lion

Come to a meeting and find out


Past Presidents

2017-2018 Wayne Auger
2016-2017 Mathew McQuesten
2015-2016 Roe Auger
2014-2015 Roe Fruci
2013-2014 Tara Hershberger
2012-2013 Christie McQuesten
2011-2012 Pat Pedersen
2010-2011 Wayne Auger
2009-2010 Mathew McQuesten
2008-2009 Linda Peeples
2007-2008 Diane Jerry
2006-2007 Pat Pedersen
2005-2006 Pat Pedersen
2004-2005 Tara Hershberger
2003-2004 Tara Hershberger




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